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Rocket Lift is a pleasure to work with on a daily basis, and follows the highest standards of robustness and quality in their work. I was looking for a progressive and methodical WordPress development firm that version controls their work in Git – they were the only one I could find in Oregon. They now work very closely with us on EMyth.com.

Jed Bickford, Director of Marketing, EMyth

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Rocket Lift On The Sync Hacks Blog

Bit Torrent Sync liked our post about why we dropped Dropbox so much that they reposted it on their blog. Bit Torrent’s Sync Hacks blog is a collection of stories from users who’ve come up with ingenious ways to use Bit Torrent Sync. We’re glad to be featured along with some really creative people!  

Goodbye Dropbox, Hello BitTorrent Sync

Let it be known that I am a Typical Computer User. I didn’t care much about the internet issues that my compatriots talk about — security, privacy, peer-to-peer, open source, net neutrality and so forth. I had no idea what this stuff meant before I started working here, but now that I do, I’m proud to say that we’re taking steps to direct our use of the potential of the internet in a really positive direction. Even though it has been a very steep learning curve for me personally, I’m happy to report that our clients’ data is far more secure than it would have been before, and we have a much more robust and flexible data sharing system.