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Rocket Lift is a pleasure to work with on a daily basis, and follows the highest standards of robustness and quality in their work. I was looking for a progressive and methodical WordPress development firm that version controls their work in Git – they were the only one I could find in Oregon. They now work very closely with us on EMyth.com.

Jed Bickford, Director of Marketing, EMyth

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What you can do right now about Ferguson

Take a moment to consider what the police action in Ferguson, Missouri means for you, and the options you have to raise awareness. Take a risk, and interrupt business as usual for a moment to express your concern. This is a power we all have. It matters, promotes justice and accountability, and feels good.

Our Sales Process

Wherein I describe how Rocket Lift’s approach to sales flips the traditional sales approach on its head, and what you can expect when you inquire about hiring us.