WP Engine Migration

You’ve got a WordPress Site.
You need a better place to put it.

WP EngineRocket Lift can help. We’ll teleport your data from the old server to WP Engine’s shiny, new servers while you… Well, you can do whatever you want.

We’ve got this one covered.


Your users won’t notice a difference, except that your site loads much, much faster.


We will migrate your site within five days, from start to finish, with our space-age process.


We’ll treat your data like precious state secrets. (We take security so seriously, you may laugh.) Read about Security at Rocket Lift.


Our proven pre-flight checklist takes the unknowns out of your migration. We’ll customize our service as necessary for your site, and execute the details obsessively.


Talking person-to-person every step of the way is better than filling out web forms, don’t you think?


Once your site is moved, we’ll be here to help if any other development needs arise.

Ready to migrate?

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