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Thank you for your interest! We don’t currently have any positions available, but feel free to apply below, and we we will consider you for future opportunities.

Life as a Rocketeer

You’ll work with these fine folks.

You’ll share our focus on creating more value than we capture as we participate in and strengthen the WordPress ecosystem.

You’ll share our values. (We take these quite seriously, by the way.)

You’ll share our commitment to diversifying as we grow. We believe strongly that we do better work and have more fun when we’re not all alike. You’ll find us to be welcoming, decent people who treat others with tremendous respect, and think it’s silly (and a bit painful) that this paragraph might differentiate us.

Like each of us, you’ll work from your own home or office, from anywhere in the world.

You’ll enjoy flexible hours and the ability to take off the time off you want. We don’t have set work hours, and our vacation policy is simply “Take the time you need to be healthy and happy.” No limits.

You’ll work on a contract basis for a few months while we get to know each other, before joining the team full time.

You’ll help take the suck out of work. So far we’re a small team, but we plan to grow. You’ll bring new skills we don’t have yet, and you’ll lead us in solving problems we’ve yet to solve (or even encounter).

Available Positions

There are currently no positions available.

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