WordPress Updates

The best way to keep your site in tip-top shape is to keep WordPress, your themes, and your plugins all updated to the most recent versions. This minimizes security risks, fixes bugs, and gives you the latest features.

But this isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Plugins are like prescription drugs. They usually work in harmony, but some combinations can do serious harm. You rely on your doctor to keep you healthy.
And you can rely on Rocket Lift to keep your site healthy.

Sometimes the updated software doesn’t work together, and you need a developer to make changes. Or, you might be too busy with other things to take care of it, even though you know it needs to be done. You want it done right, so you can think about it as little as possible.

We’re proud to offer our WordPress Updates Service.

We solve these problems, and simplify life for website owners of all kinds.

Here’s what you get:

  • Upgrades you don’t have to think about: We upgrade your WordPress website monthly or quarterly, depending on your needs
  • Peace of mind: You can rest assured that your site will stay secure
  • The latest bug fixes, security patches, and new features every upgrade cycle
  • Risk management: You no longer need to worry about the site breaking when you upgrade
  • Pre-upgrade Testing: We discover any upgrade problems on your site before they go live to your users and customers
  • You get to focus on your business, not worry about your site.

Update my plugins!

How this is different

The unique thing we offer is comprehensive testing — before your upgrades are applied.

No more lost business. We can eliminate downtime from botched updates.

Our Guarantee:

Thanks to our advanced proprietary technology, we guarantee that we will catch bugs and plugin conflicts. If we let an issue slip through, we credit your account (or refund on request) 100% of our charges for that month’s or quarter’s upgrades.

What we do for you:

During each upgrade cycle, we will:

  • Copy the latest version of our site to private test environment
  • Perform all updates in the staging environment
  • Apply our thorough testing process, to identify any issues caused by the update
  • If there are no issues, we perform the update on the live website, and send you a report.
  • If there are issues, depending on circumstances we will either:
    • At no extra charge, communicate with third-party plugin developers about the issue, and wait to upgrade affected components until the issues are resolved; or
    • Send you a quote to fix issues ourselves, along with referrals to other WordPress experts who can help.

Update my plugins!


Pricing begins at $65 per month (when billed annually), and depends on how many plugins you run, how well maintained your site is, and how often your site should be upgraded. Get in touch and we’ll start the conversation.

One more thing

You buy a plan, we give a plan.

When you sign up for a service plan, we donate one to a non-profit organization. Let’s float all boats together, shall we?

Are you a qualified US-based tax-exempt non-profit organization interested in this service? Please fill out the form below and note that you’d like to get on our non-profit list.

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