What Rocket Lift Can Do For You

We know there are many companies that could build your business website, but we here at Rocket Lift aren’t afraid to say we think you should choose us. We get a warm fuzzy feeling every time we send a new website out into the world because we’ve helped to create a vital tool for our client’s company to grow into the future. You would be proud of that too, right?

There are a few things that set us apart from the others. Here are the most important parts of the Rocket Lift treatment.

We make beautiful and functional web sites, but that’s not all.

We are a full-service team that can handle every aspect of the job. First, we help you form a complete and forward-looking content strategy that guides the copy and media on the site that will promote your brand. Then we work with you to create a design for the site that will stand out and send the right message. Next, we build the site, and our standard is always to make you look like a world-class competitor. And finally, we help you learn to manage the site on your own when it’s finished and help you solve any problems that might come up later. And if you want us to host your site, or move all your content from an old site to a new one, we can do that too.

Our team is small, yet mighty.

When we say a full-service team, we mean a full-time group of developers, designers and technicians who have worked together on many projects and are committed to Rocket Lift’s success and yours. Its a well-oiled machine that is small enough to know your project on an intimate level, but not so small that it can’t handle the big jobs. You should also know that we don’t have a big fancy office, in fact we don’t have an office at all—unless you count our desks at home! That means we can keep our overhead low and offer our customers a great value. See our team’s biographies to learn more.

We love WordPress and we think you will too.

Rocket Lift’s team are experts in WordPress development. We think its the best website platform on the internet today. The WordPress content management system (CMS) has an amazing range of capabilities for almost every industry, but anyone that has used a word processor can manage the website once we turn it over to you. WordPress also makes it easy to build a robust site that can grow and continue to work well for you even as the internet changes at light speed.

You know that mobile devices aren’t just a fad, and so do we.

Web traffic from mobile devices is growing, and we’ll help you reach these customers. Our websites are responsive, meaning that they know if a user is accessing your site from a desktop or mobile device, and adjust the layout of the site accordingly. No matter how a user views your site, they will always find the information they need, and that’s good for business.

Your site will work. Don’t worry, we checked.

Part of the process of building your site is making sure that it works for all the major web browsers, in every situation and for every type of user. This is a process called Quality Assurance testing, or QA. We use a testing platform that we call the “Vehicle Assembly Building” (VAB) that let’s you get to know your new site, and lets us test it, before it goes live. This means that your old site will still be accessible to your customers and that the launch of the new site will go smoothly. By the time our QA process is finished, every link will work, every design element will look great, and every function of site will work just as planned, guaranteed.

We’re serious about security.

Your website is a vital source of new customers and one of the best ways to keep in touch with customers you already have, so we understand that good security is a necessity. We’ll build your site with security in mind, but we’ll also train your team so that you can avoid the most common security mistakes that can jeopardize your website. And, in case there is a problem, we’ll help you get your site back up and running. We back up your site every day so that if something goes wrong, we can quickly fix it. We will make sure that your risks posed to your site are minimized.

Today’s websites are more important to their companies than ever before, and getting the most out of your web presence takes some thoughtful planning and experience, both of which Rocket Lift can provide.

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