Show Your Company’s Vitality With An Events Calendar

Do you host business events? Make sure that prospective customers see your busy social life, and make it easy for them to tell their friends through social media. Just make sure you remember to order enough coffee and donuts!

If your business hosts events that are open to the public or to a specific community of people—like the student body of a university, or residents of a retirement community—then an events calendar should be an integral part of your company website. The short amount of time it takes to list your events online on your own website shows that your business is an active and dynamic community that is always trying to meet the needs of its customers. Everyone from customers to employees will have an easier time finding this information, and this translates into events with better attendance, and a greater awareness of how your company impacts the community around it, even for those who didn’t attend.

Organize and market with one tool

When Rocket Lift designed and built a new website for Homewoods On The Willamette, a senior housing community, we noticed right away that this community’s event schedule, with five or so activities each day, was one of their most important ways to provide a great living experience for their residents. To show it off, we built an events calendar into their website, with an automatically updating list of the day’s events prominently displayed in the sidebar of every page. Not only do residents and employees use the calendar to keep up on each day’s activities, but prospective residents are also able to see that this community is full to the brim with lively folks. So, the events calendar is not just a useful for organization but also a powerful marketing tool. Learn more about our work on here.

WordPress events calendars can do more than you think

Events calendars can connect to social media platforms all across the web directly from your website, greatly expanding its impact. Your customers can import events from your calendar to their mobile devices, tell their friends about your event through their own social media accounts, and get driving directions to the event that are automatically generated by Google. Besides the who, what, when, where and why, all of this communicates one vital thing: that you care about your events and you care about your customers.

And you do right? Whether you run a senior living center, a PR firm, a hospital, a restaurant, an arts business, a teaching service, or any other business that takes pride in its events, make sure your website calendar is helping to spread the word.

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