Rocket Lift’s Goals for 2013

Last month I polled our team and drafted a list of goals for what we’d like to accomplish this year. Everyone signed off. Here they are: Rocket Lift’s goals for 2013!

Doing cool things:

Our team members have each privately articulated our own personal goals that Rocket Lift can help with. These are the answers to questions like “Why do you work here?” and “If you could do anything a year from now, what would it be?” Achieving 100% of these personal goals is our biggest goal as a company this year. How amazing will be when we can say we’ve done this at the end of the year!?

  • Achieve 100% of team members’ individual work-related goals.
  • Launch a premium product built on WordPress
  • Launch a premium service built on WordPress
  • Successfully launch our sustainable food startup
  • Become experts in implementing WordPress-based e-commerce
  • Make at least 5 contributions to WordPress core
  • Work for an aerospace company (a bonus / stretch goal)


  • Enable 5 or more full-time staff to thrive with above-market compensation
  • Fully fund breakeven monthly costs from ongoing client service engagements and recurring revenue from products/service
  • Have no single source of income contribute more than 50% to our bottom line


  • Speak at two WordCamps
  • Have our team and/or projects featured in 12 third-party blogs
  • Take our minimum project size floor to 300 hours

We have a few more goals that we’re keeping private for now. We’ll crow about them when we hit them.


  1. Andrew

    I like that your team is setting specific goals, and that they are measurable. They’re SMART goals.

    I find the financial goals to be the hardest to obtain since you must depend on customers to fulfill them.

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