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Cube Management demonstrates how a well-built website can be so much more than just a marketing brochure, can pay for itself in a matter of months, and can make a business more profitable.

Cube Management already had years of experience with business growth through their website when they first came to us in 2013, but they were ready to take it to the next level. They wanted to bring as many aspects of their marketing in-house. We created a solution that still, years later, saves them hundreds of dollars in operating expenses every week.

A successful company ready to take the next technological step

Cube was ready to update a valuable older website, the core of a seven figure business, and open up their service to the mobile market. They needed an accessible website that not only looked beautiful on mobile devices but had all the functionality their visitors required as well.

Cube Management is a recruiter. Their clients are employers looking for qualified hires. Cube is successful when they find the right talent to match their employers’ needs, and they make a hire. This process begins when Cube Management posts their employers’ job opportunities to the web, to be found by job seekers.

They had been outsourcing this to third-party job boards, which cost them hundreds of dollars every time they needed to post a new position.

We designed and built their site so that they could post their jobs in-house, for free, allowing them to post unlimited opportunities without having to spend any money. Then, we made it simple to integrate with LinkedIn and social media sites, to spread news of new opportunities far and wide.

Saving time, money and complication

Rocket Lift has saved us thousands of dollars over the years by building in features that we previously paid third parties for — and paid dearly.
Wayne E. Cozad II, owner, Cube Management

Not only did we save them money in posting fees, we also removed their need for SalesForce. We learned through our discovery process that Cube really only needed SalesForce to capture leads and route them to their recruiters’ email. SalesForce is pretty expensive if that’s all you’re using it for.

So, we added specialized contact forms directly into the website. Then, we programmed them to send notifications whenever someone filled out a form, with special rules to email specific people, depending on what was submitted. Plus, they can view submissions right from within WordPress.

After we launched the new site, Cube Management cut the SalesForce cord, and has saved thousands of dollars in the years since. The website has more than paid for itself.

More valuable resources, more leads, more profit

Rocket Lift also helped Cube increase revenue.

The website hosts numerous resources for job seekers and employers to download. By offering valuable information for free, businesses can build trust with their customers right from their website.

Cube Management took full advantage. They host dozens of PDFs for their audience to download, full of valuable content. Visitors exchange their email address for the privilege of downloading resources. Now, Cube Management pulls in a steady stream of interest from employers and job-seekers alike. The larger pool of employers gives Cube more interested customers, and the larger pool of resumes increases the quality of candidates. That leads to more job placements, and more sales for Cube.

Who wants to wait around for someone else to update their website?

In addition to PDF downloads and job listings, the website sports a staff directory, client testimonials, and dozens of pages optimized to appeal to various employers and candidates in different sections, through SEO.

I love the name of the company, Rocket Lift. I think it says a lot about lifting the potential of your company. Rocket Lift helps you propel your business to the next level.
Wayne E. Cozad II, owner, Cube Management

Rocket Lift customized WordPress to make it easy for Cube to add to and edit all of their own text and photos, across all of these types of content. We provided training and support to make them knowledgable and fully capable to manage the site completely without us.

Over the years, there have been a few small crises where something on the website broke. Each time, we stepped in, found the issue, and fixed it within a few hours, allowing Cube to stay focused on doing what they do best: Operating their business, helping companies fill openings, and launching new careers.

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