Center for Communication & Learning Skills

Rocket Lift built a beautiful new website for the Center for Communication and Learning Skills to showcase its wide variety of services in an accessible format for their clients’ unique needs.

Dr. Judith Belk draws an impressively international clientele for her communications therapy practice, the Center for Communication and Learning Skills (CCLS).

Rocket Lift totally enhanced my website presence on the internet. Their recommendations about use of color and format have been right on. The new website is getting rave reviews. People love its look and ease in finding information.
Dr. Judith Belk, Ph.D.

People fly from around the country and even across the Pacific Ocean for treatment at the CCLS office in suburban Portland, Oregon. They come for the unique mix of diagnostic and treatment methods Dr. Belk offers. Her clinical certifications cover a person’s ability to physically hear, to mentally understand, and to express themselves in writing or verbally. When someone has challenges with more than one of these aspects of communication, or when their diagnosis is unclear, her broad approach to treating all manner of communication related challenges makes her a uniquely qualified specialist.

But CCLS didn’t have a website that reflected any of this. Dr. Belk needed a professional site to reflect her world-class level of service.

Getting Started

In person, CCLS is very unlike most medical offices. The space is located in a condo with diagnostic equipment tastefully tucked in amongst cozy furniture and upscale interior decoration. The space blends professional with comfortable, and exudes a feeling of calm. This seemed to us to be a core part of CCLS’ identity and an important aspect of the business to display on the web.

So, our goals were twofold: First, to represent the wide range of services CCLS offers; and Second, to build continuity between the CCLS digital experience and its physical space.

Our Solution

Accessible Content Strategy

Dr. Belk was interested in making the website widely accessible, to accommodate for her clients’ wide range of mental ability. We knew that any one form of ordering information on the website would not work for all of Dr. Belk’s clients, who have a wide range of mental ability.

So, Rocket Lift extended the WordPress content management system with a database of services to accommodate the wide array of diagnostics and treatments Dr. Belk offers and display them in multiple ways throughout the site. When CCLS staff edit service descriptions and add new services, the system displays them wherever they belong throughout the site.

To help visitors navigate through all of the content, we categorized services according to how they can help clients. Visitors can either view the list of all services alphabetically, or filter the list based on their needs. Each service has a brief description to appear in these lists, and a longer description for those interested to learn more. Dr. Belk appreciated this flexible, visitor-centric approach.


During one of our early consultations at CCLS’ office, Matthew took several photos of the office to use as color references when building the website’s palette. This experiment in anchoring the site’s look and feel to the physical space worked well to capture the emotional feeling of the CCLS office like we wanted. It became one of our favorite techniques for customizing websites to fit a business appropriately.

The staff at Rocket Lift listen carefully. They teach. They produce magnificent results!
Dr. Judith Belk, Ph.D.

There were several facts about CCLS that were important to convey for effective marketing, such as Dr. Belk’s care for all ages, and her dedication to continuing education to apply the best scientific methods. We chose a slider approach with bright, big visuals and succinct captions to make this efficient and engaging for visitors.

Finally, we adopted a consistent, simple, two-column layout to emphasize web page content and this “I want to improve” navigation equally, with consistent and clean menus in the header and footer to ease navigation. The site’s structure helps visitors to find the information they need quickly. This courtesy, plus the site’s clean, professional design, build trust and high expectations for CCLS’ level of care.

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