It’s a Podcast! Introducing Hard Refresh

Rocket Lift’s own podcast tells stories of when things break on the internet, and the people who make them work again

This week, we Rocketeers are ecstatic and proud to introduce our brand spanking new podcast, Hard Refresh!

hard-refresh-logo-512Hard Refresh will tell the stories of the unsung heroes who keep websites working, dark alleys of the internet where teams manage unbelievable complexity to keep the data flowing, and current issues in tech that greatly impact on our daily lives, such as network neutrality, open source, and technical transparency.

Our first episode features the legendary Pippin Williams, a teacher, programmer, open source contributor, and the entrepreneur behind Pippin’s Plugins. We often use Pippin’s plugins in Rocket Lift’s websites, and if you’re operating a business on a WordPress site, it’s likely you are too. If you’ve never heard of the guy, get thee to his website and peruse his incredible library of plugins! Chances are, it’ll save you some headaches.

Our first story is about one of Pippin’s headaches. Earlier this year his team discovered a catastrophic bug in Easy Digital Downloads, his popular e-commerce plugin.

One of our goals with Hard Refresh is to dive into technical details and decode them to both teach and entertain a broad audience. Pippin delivers the goods, with an honest and fearless account of a thorny technical issue that had him wondering “am I even in the right business”. Our host Douglas Detrick breaks it down with masterful analogies that non-coders and programmers alike will understand and enjoy.

Listen to learn how the bug was introduced, why the stakes were so high, how Pippin’s team responded, and what they learned along the way.

For now, you can listen at In the next few days we’ll be get it up on SoundCloud and iTunes, for those of you who into those sorts of things.

For updates, and to know when future episodes drop, give us a like on Facebook or a follow on Twitter!

We can’t wait to hear what you think!

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