Video: Matthew Eppelsheimer on a Path to Mistake-Free Publishing and Development

Rocket Lift’s Head Rocketeer Matthew Eppelsheimer gave an info-packed talk about checklisting at the annual WordPress gathering in Portland, WordCamp PDX 2013. His ideas go light years beyond your typical grocery list — for us they are a way to build a real path towards mistake-free work.

Checklists help us forget about saying “Let’s not forget this…”

Matthew Eppelsheimer speaking at WordCamp PDX 2013.Its tough to remember every little detail about something so complicated as web development, so we don’t even try. Every time we do something at Rocket Lift we think of it as an opportunity to improve. From bringing a new Rocketeer onto the team, launching a client website, or even sending out an invoice, we always take some time to look at what we did and how we could do it better. Then, rather than just forgetting the lessons we learned before the next time, we add the new knowledge to our process by updating our checklist for the task. When the next time comes around we already know what we could do better, so we do it. No worries.

Checklisting is good for the soul and the bottom line

But its not just better for our clients, its better for us too. Staying on budget and on schedule is important of course, but we also notice that we can counteract the “hamster on a hamster wheel” feeling you can get sometimes with complicated work. When we improve our checklist, its like we all just grew a few new brain cells, and that feels good. That’s just one of the reasons why we all like working together, and we feel that this will rub off on our clients too.

We published the link to the interview that Matthew did with the WordCamp PDX folks before. Since then has released the video of Matthew’s talk, and we thought you all might like to see it. Enjoy, and happy checklisting!

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