Managed WordPress Hosting

A professional WordPress website has a lot of moving parts — it’s not as simple as advertised. Plugins have to be updated. Page load time needs to be fast. Security can be confusing and nerve-wracking. So many things can go wrong, and sometimes only code-geeks like us are able to figure out why.

We’ll keep your site running smoothly by:

  • Updating and testing all your plugins
  • Updating and testing your WordPress core software
  • Help you fix things if they go wrong

Our Managed Hosting Package makes running WordPress simple. We address these needs with a one-of-a-kind package designed for website owners who want their site to run well all the time, with the fewest headaches.

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Here’s the maintenance we’ll provide:

Check that new plugin versions work well before updating

Sometimes an updated plugin with important improvements just doesn’t work with your theme or other plugins. It’s a big hassle, and we can handle it for you.

Each month, we’ll test your site with all the available plugin upgrades in a separate, isolated staging environment. If the upgrades introduce any problems, we’ll hold them back from going live until they’re fixed.

Stay up to date with WordPress upgrades, but test first

When a new version of WordPress is available — with new features, bug fixes, and security patches from the WordPress developer genius-team — we’ll upgrade and test in a staging environment before we upgrade the live site.

We’ll identify any issues caused by the update, such as conflicts with your WordPress theme or plugins. Again, if there are any problems, we’ll make sure they’re fixed before going live.

If something goes wrong, we’re here to fix it

Problems with updates don’t happen every time, but when they do, we’re here to help resolve the issues at the lowest possible cost.

We’ll start by giving you an affordable quote to fix issues. Then, we’ll take the best course of action to work around the issue. This may mean writing code to fix the bug on your site, working with third-party plugin developers to fix any issues on their end, or replacing the plugin causing trouble with a more reliable and stable system.

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Professional tools to improve your site

Hosting by WP Engine

WP EngineHosting WordPress websites is a specialty, and we think WP Engine is the best. You get all of this:

  • A staging site to preview and test updates before taking them live
  • A content distribution network (CDN) for ultra fast image and script loading — speedy!
  • Servers optimized to speed up rendering dynamic pages — even speedier!
  • A Varnish cache to serve pre-rendered static pages — the speediest!
  • Proactive scanning and reversal of malware and hacker attacks
  • Deploy changes from version control (Git), to make development more efficient, make code changes auditable, and add a safety net for if things go wrong

We’ll manage your WP Engine account so you’ll get the greatest benefit from these great features.

CloudFlare speed and security

We’ll optionally setup and configure CloudFlare for your domain. There are a number of speed, security, and optimization benefits CloudFlare can bring to your domain’s DNS, as well as any website and every website under your domain WordPress or otherwise. That said, if CloudFlare doesn’t make sense for your domain, WP Engine’s excellent platform stands well on its own.

Built-in WordPress video tutorials

We include screen cast tutorials for WordPress, built right into the site management interface to help your site authors, editors, and administrators get the most out of WordPress.

Must-have WordPress plugins

We’ve put together a suite of plugins that can make most sites more useful and efficient. We’ll help you decide which ones are right for your site, then install and configure them as part of our service.

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Here’s how we’ll treat you:

Friendly and personal support

Our support team is available to troubleshoot any issues during normal business hours (9am to 5pm Monday through Friday, U.S. Pacific time zone). In case of emergencies, we respond ASAP.

We’re a pretty caring group of people who really want to make sure you’re getting great, personalized service.

Give us feedback

If you won’t consider us because you need more availability from our support team (24/7?), please let us know! That would be valuable feedback.

Values-driven service

We’re in this because we love rolling up our sleeves so you don’t have to worry about the hard stuff. And most importantly, when the right thing and the easy thing aren’t the same, we do the right thing. Check out our values to learn more of what we care about.

  • We treat your sensitive data (passwords, billing information, etc.) like state secrets. Read more about how seriously Rocket Lift takes security at
  • If we don’t earn your business, we figure we don’t deserve it. Need to leave? We’ll help you migrate away from us, hassle free, ASAP.

Plans and Pricing

Pricing varies based on the number of sites, number of plugins on each site, and site traffic.

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