WordCamp Portland Interviews Matthew Eppelsheimer

Checklists aren’t just for groceries. For us, they’re serious business.

Lead Rocketeer Matthew Eppelsheimer sat down to talk with the folks at WordCamp Portland about his upcoming talk at the conference.

Checklists have become the fundamental building block of how Rocket Lift works. I never would have guessed it, but they not only help us to avoid errors, they also help us to apply our learning at a faster pace. We’ve been measuring errors and have seen them drop to near zero, but what’s most interesting is that we don’t repeat mistakes now. Period. When we introduce a problem into a live website, we identify what to do to avoid it in the future, and incorporate the lesson into our checklists. We’re able to focus now on doing even better work, instead of trying and failing to avoid screw ups. – Matthew Eppelsheimer

Matthew loves to get things done, and more importantly, he loves to get them done better each time, and this has become an important part of how Rocket Lift works on every project. Inspired by the “pre-flight” checklists developed by World War II pilots to make flying safer, Matthew has been helping the Rocket Lift team to collect our knowledge and refine our process through checklists. When you read the full interview, you’ll see he has quite a lot to say about it!

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