Matthew EppelsheimerTechnical Strategist and Lead Developer

Matthew builds talented teams to tackle big problems.

Driven by his interest in the crossroads of technology and sustainability, Matthew co-founded Rocket Lift to offer the-future-is-now communication and information technologies to organizations that make a difference.

Matthew is an experienced management consultant and a veteran of startups in four different industries. He applies his creativity, intelligence, and curiosity to provide strategy and technical project management to our clients.

What our clients appreciate best about Matthew is how he levels up their technical teams through mentorship, applying best practices, and smart priorities for long-term effectiveness.


Matthew is a member of the WordPress Professional Network and is recommend by WP Engine.

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When Not Rocketeering

Matthew likes to cook and to go camping a lot — often at the same time. He also enjoys podcasts, and writing — sometimes at the same time.

He roots for the Portland Timbers, has theories about Targaryen history, and strong opinions about Star Wars films.