Matt PearsonCo-Founder and former Rocketeer

Matt Pearson was previously Rocket Lift’s Chief of IT services.

He is now a grad student, soon to have a spiffy IT MBA degree. Although we’re happy (and a bit envious) that he gets to focus on on learning full time, we sure miss him.

Matt is an avid supporter of open source, open data, open standards, and the indie-web. He also has something of an obsession with information security and the tension between publicness and privacy in our ever more interconnected world.

Before co-founding Rocket Lift, Matt spent seven years in education IT.

He’s also a self-taught photographer who strangely holds a degree in applied fine art. And despite anything he or any of his t-shirts may tell you, he will fix your computer — the line forms over there. He earns his nerd card by quoting Star Trek technobabble and coinifying Whedon-esque phraseologies. Matt lives in beautiful Seattle, where he and his wife are owned by a couple of cats.

Follow @matro_wtf for some choice utterances curated by his friends, such as: