Douglas DetrickSupport Tech, Trainer, and Marketer

Douglas provides steady, capable tech support to Rocket Lift’s clients.

Douglas is a true believer in the value of not just answering questions: He wants everyone to feel like they just had a home cooked meal, even when solving serious problems.

Douglas asked Rocket Lift for guidance way back in 2010 to build his own site promoting his music and his arts consultancy. As he built WordPress mastery, we recognized he was perfectly suited to help meet our other clients’ growing needs for support and training. Douglas came on board in 2013, advanced to become support lead, and has also branched out to provide content marketing, SEO, and SEM services.

When Not Rocketeering

Douglas takes coffee snobbery to new heights by roasting his own beans at home. He loves reading history, novels, and poetry, as well as keeping up on what’s happening on his favorite blogs. This multi-talented family man also blows the trumpet quite impressively well, composes jazz, and tours the country with his band, while juggling two toddlers.

Oh! And he’s the executive director of the Portland Jazz Composer’s Ensemble, which big-ups local cool cats. Dig?