Matt PearsonIT Chief

Matt is an avid supporter of open source, open data, open standards, and the indie-web. He also has something of an obsession with information security and the tension between publicness and privacy in our ever more interconnected world.

Matt manages Rocket Lift’s server hosting infrastructure — the hard work you typically won’t see — and he consults with our clients on information architecture and critical systems for information security, backups, and off-site redundancy.

Before co-founding Rocket Lift, Matt spent seven years in IT at Whitman College.

When Not Rocketeering

Matt is a self-taught photographer who strangely holds a degree in applied fine art. And despite anything he or any of his t-shirts may tell you, he will fix your computer — the line forms over there. He earns his nerd card by quoting Star Trek technobabble and coinifying Whedon-esque phraseologies. Matt lives in beautiful Seattle, where he and his wife are owned by a couple of cats.

Follow @matro_wtf for some choice utterances curated by his friends, such as: