Ian BeckLead Developer

Ian leads our development team through example, finding simple solutions for complex problems and implementing them with the latest web technologies.

Ian has a decade of experience spanning front- and back-end web development, UI/UX design, app development (both mobile and desktop), technical writing, open source contributions, and supporting users of complex software. He is well used to considering not only how to solve the immediate problems in front of him, but the potential implications of his solutions down the road.

Ian holds our team to the highest standards of professionalism in web development — especially in the morning, when he’s too groggy for silliness. He’s well-seasoned with a liberal arts background, and is a superlative communicator. On occasion he even uses the word “superlative” without irony. He is probably the best composer of poetry in our Slack.

When Not Rocketeering

Ian is a father of two, avid reader, occasional writer, lover of Japanese media, and player of video and board games. Although he hasn’t had much opportunity since becoming a dad, given sufficient free time he is often to be found back on the computer working on personal websites, coding tools to help at work or play, and dreaming up ideas for new projects.