Douglas DetrickMarketing Specialist

If Rocket Lift is communicating in the English language, it’s probably Douglas.

Douglas is a true believer in the value of communication that is more than just effective—everyone involved should feel like they just had a home cooked meal, even when solving a serious problem.

Three years ago, Douglas asked Rocket Lift for guidance to build his own site to promote his music and his arts consultancy services. Douglas is a jazz trumpeter, composer, and arts consultant whose career has given him the opportunity to perform, compose, teach, and write about music that he loves.

Using the “teach a man to fish” approach, Matthew helped Douglas learn the ins and outs of WordPress. With all this experience teaching music, consulting in arts marketing and fundraising, and using WordPress, Matthew thought that Douglas was the perfect person to handle Rocket Lift’s growing need for customer support, content development, and internet marketing services.

When Not Rocketeering

Douglas takes coffee snobbery to new heights by roasting his own beans at home. He loves reading history, novels, and poetry, as well as keeping up on what’s happening on his favorite blogs. This multi-talented man also composes jazz, tours the country with his band, and blows the trumpet quite impressively well.